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*** Cooked Sushi

Absolute Fish
lots of fish! 5 different varieties of fish and snow crab meat topped with masago.

Beef Roll
seasoned beef, cream cheese & asparagus, topped with eel sauce.

Big Crazy
way bigger & crazier! the crazy roll with cucumber & spicy tuna.

firey fusoin at its finest! hamachi, cilantro & jalapeno, topped with wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe).

Crabbed Out
tempura fried crab and snow crab mixed with japanese mayo, covered with masago.

tuna, salmon & hamachi, covered with masago.

D Rock Special
a house favorite! salmon & hamachi, tempura fried, served with d-rock dipping sauce - slightly sweet but spicy enough to make you hot!

Dragon Roll
crab, cucumber, shrimp tempura topped with eel, tuna. and finished up with tobiko on top.

shrimp tempura roll, topped with spicy tuna.

Garden Roll
fried tofu, gobo and veggie picked.

Green Mussels
5 pieces and baked with the topping of scallop, crab, cream cheese & spicy sauce mixture.

Half Baked
baked salmon, raw salmon, asparagus, cream cheese & spicy sauce.

Happy Days
eel, shrimp tempura, tamago, avocado & cucumber, wrapped in soy paper, drizzled with eel sauce. two thumbs up!

spicy salmon, eel, crab, avocado & cream cheese. tempura fried and topped with spicy mayo, masago and green onions.

a towering roll! tempura soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, eel & snow crab mixed with japanese mayo and wrapped in soy paper, topped with eel sauce.

Lobster Handroll (2)

Me One Too
eel, spicy tuna, cucumber & avocado, topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce.

Naked Roll
spicy salmon, spicy tuna and avocado compressed with rice and topped with spicy sauce.

Nam # Ate
tempura fried crab and cream cheese roll, topped with special spicy tuna and crab mixture and finished off with a lotus root chip.

Nam # Tree
soft shell crab, spicy tuna, avocado & spicy sauce wrapped in soy paper.

large appetites only! soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, eel, spicy salmon & avocado covered with masago and topped with spicy sauce.

spicy tuna roll, covered with hamachi and white tuna.

spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura salmon & hamachi (yellowtail).

Sake Bomb Roll
warning! hot hot hot! spicy tuna, spicy salmon & jalapeno covered with 5 different varieties of fish, then topped with every spicy sauce in the house!

Salmon Skin Roll
fried salmon skin with gobo, lettuce, cucumber and takun sprouts.

a large, feel-good roll! eel, shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber served with d-rock sauce.

smoked salmon & cream cheese, covered with masago.

Spicy Scallop Roll
raw scallop, assorted veggies & spicy sauce.

Super Cucumber
egg, crab and veggies, wrapped with cucumber outside and served with ginger dipping sauce.

Super Dynamite
spicy salmon, tuna and cucumber, covered with assorted tobiko.

Super Salmon
spicy salmon roll wrapped with seared salmon, served with ponzu sauce.

Super Tuna
spicy tuna roll wrapped with seared tuna, served with ponzu sauce.

Surf Turf & cheese
seasoned beef, shrimp tempura & cream cheese, topped with eel sauce.

shrimp tempura & avocado, topped with eel.

Smashing Pumpkin
Avocado, spicy crab wix with scallions, crunchies inside, salmon, tobiko, spicy mayo and eel sauce outside.

Taki Boat
two half avocado filled with spicy scallop, spicy tuna topped with salmon roe and served with rice on side.

Tempura Scallop
scallop, crab, cilantro & jalapeno, tempura fried, topped with spicy eel sauce.

Tokyo Roll
eel, avocado inside roll topped with japanese mayonnaise sauce and baked.

Tropical Tuna
tuna, mango, cucumber, avocado & cream cheese, topped with mango cream sauce.

Tuna Tataki
seared tuna served with ponzu sauce.

Uni Shot

Volcano Roll
explosively delicious! a spicy, creamy blend of scallops, crab, scallion & masago baked on top of a california roll.

White Tuna Roll

Yummy Roll
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab and cream cheese inside and light tempuraed topped with alaskan crab meat and masago.


*** Menus are subject to change without notice.