• Interior, dining tables ready for guests
  • Seating at the order counter with a long table for dining
  • Interior, a large decorative rock fountain at the dining area


Japanese Steakhouse

About us

Taki has been serving fresh Sushi and Teppanyaki / Hibachi in Des Moines since 2002. We strive daily to provide our guests with great food, personal service & exceptional value in a friendly, relaxed environment. From our extensive sushi menu or more traditional hibachi and dinner menu, you'll always find something to enjoy.

We use only the highest quality sushi & hibachi ingredients, from the overnight delivered fish freshly caught in Hawaii to the highest grade Japanese rice grown in California. We know only the best will keep our guests happy and satisfied. With a local staff that is welcoming and knowledgeable, this restaurant is bustling at times, but always intimate and fun. Our guests are our only priority. Come join the Taki Family for a great, fulfilling experience!